About 55-Year-old should not be outsourced. For the BDP group makes a Motion; you filed yesterday. The Federal Council is to develop proposals.

the content of The BDP-Motion: Who has scored at least ten years “is a relevant AHV-liable income”, should be protected from a loss of jobs in advanced age. And so over many years, accumulated assets are exhausted, and to be, ultimately, social welfare.

idea of Skos included

“We have to take here is an idea of the Swiss conference for social assistance, Skos,”, BDP group leader Rosmarie Quadranti (61). The BDP was not too bad to to give a good thought to the political breakthrough.

The Skos proposal, the elderly, and over the years employed employees after a termination and the expiry of the unemployment compensation a new supplementary benefits (EL). And these older unemployed to remain in the Regional employment centres (RAV) and to Reach the pension age from the RAV.

The EL solution is a convenient

“The EL solution is a good opportunity for workers in the advanced age. And it is according to a study at a cost of 25 million francs in the year-effectively,” says national councillor Quadranti. She was confident that the Motion will find many supporters in other parties.”