Danny Baker (61) repents of his Royal Tweet bitterly. The Ex-BBC presenter introduced on Wednesday a picture on Twitter Online, it showed a noble energized Couple with a chimpanzee in a suit. To this end, he wrote: “The Royal Baby, as it leaves the hospital.” The Shitstorm did not have to wait long, as the Duchess Meghan (37) is a half African-American, has been determined to the image in the net a hundred times as racist. Only a day later, Baker was going on his Job at the BBC.

Now has expressed the Englishman in other Tweets to his Situation. “I would like to apologize once more for the controversy yesterday, I was to blame,” begins Baker his Statement. Thursday, he lost his Job, was “one of the worst days” of his life. He still maintains that it was a simple mishap: “I’ve simply chosen the wrong photo.”

“I knew immediately that I made a mistake.”

Meanwhile it is him but clearly, why the Tweet can be understood as a racist: “I knew immediately that I made a mistake. I don’t need a history lesson on racist swear words.” Also his dismissal he had accepted: “I’ll pay the deserved price for my catastrophic error.”

Yesterday, Baker had referred to the decision of the BBC as a “pompous fake seriousness”. The British Broadcasting Corporation gave him a “stone cold betrayed” his supervisor that he had insulted on the phone when he brought him the news. (klm)

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