The little Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is only three days in the world. Now, there is already the first major controversy around the Baby of Duchess Meghan (37) and Prince Harry (34). After the two Archie showed on Wednesday, the first Time to the Public, the BBC presenter Danny Baker (61) a Tweet Online. On a black-and-white photo is to see how a Couple keeps a monkey in a suit including bowler hat and cane on the hands. To do this, the Journalist wrote: “The Royal Baby, as it leaves the hospital.”

As the little Archie has on the maternal side African-American ancestors, understand a lot of the picture of Danny Baker now as a racist attack. A true storm of protest unfolded on Twitter over the Moderator. “Racist! Racist! Racist!”, do not judge a User of the Tweet. “Baker should vacate his Desk at the BBC.” Also for other Users is clear: “Danny Baker is clearly a racist. And he works for the BBC, we need to change.”

“My mind is not so sick.”

Baker has deleted the Tweet shortly thereafter. “I’m sorry that my picture of the little Monkey makes for so much excitement”, he commented on the deletion. He didn’t have a thought in mind that the Tweet might be racist, because: “My mind is not so sick. I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I wasn’t thinking.”

For his employer but that was not enough. As a BBC spokesperson of the “Sun” confirmed, Baker released on Thursday: “This error went against everything the BBC stands for. Danny is a great presenter, but he will have no more show for us.”

With this decision, you have Baker, in his opinion, “stone cold betrayed”. On the phone he should have his head after that, with swear words showered, as he told the “Sun”. “It is not the first Time and probably not the last Time that I will lose my Job because of a controversy”, he is sure. But: “I am not a racist.” (klm)