Unscrupulous scammers seem to have a new target in their sights: TV Stars in Hollywood. Because, as “TMZ” reports, the two went to “Baywatch”Stars Donna D’errico (51) and Krista Allen (48), almost the mesh of con men on the glue.

The offer sounded downright dreamy. The Manager of the TV Stars have been contacted by e – Mail-allegedly from Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan (48). The Deal: D’errico, and All should at a charity event for small Arab companies hold a speech and then at a Party with the guests of honor toast. The actor should get 300’000 dollars. Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is the Vice-Minister of the United Arab Emirates – should have sent the E-Mail but hardly.

organizers requested a donation

the managers of the two women, the alarm rang out, quickly, bells. The alleged office of the sheikhs demanded more and more personal information of the TV-mermaids, allegedly, to pay the actors the money. Particularly suspicious was that the organizers requested that D’errico and All the half of your salary should return to the Foundation of bin Zayed Al Nahyan to donate.

This mesh is widely used in Hollywood in the meantime. So Reality TV Star Dog the Bounty Hunter (66) was in June, almost a victim of the same fraud. The Stars would have donated the money, it would have disappeared according to “TMZ” always. Fortunately, all three of the TV Stars noticed the discrepancies before the donation – even though they had signed the alleged contract already. The scammers in these cases, therefore, empty. (klm)