Pähl – T olle action of Bayern-Star Thomas Müller (30)!

The professional football given the helpers in the Corona-crisis in his hometown Pähl am Ammersee (Kreis Weilheim) a hot lunch.

On Friday could be between 10 and 18 o’clock in the “Old Post” pork roast with potato dumplings and in the “New Post” alternatively “Schnitzel” with potato salad or cheese spaetzle ordered, it says on Miller’s home page.

▶︎ This should be a small thank you to the people in the district of Weilheim, “which are currently in various areas of the receipt of the basic pension. To the Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nursing staff, the employees of grocery stores and the garbage collection, the staff of the health offices, post offices, and all others who show us daily how important they are for us,“ says the website.