Bayern Munich’s chairman, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, would rather drag the season into september than cancel.

The German team Bayern Munich want this season’s Bundesliga game finished, so in the worst case involves the matches in september, when the new season usually otherwise well-in time.

It says the soccer club’s chairman, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, according to the media Bild.

– We should definitely play this season finished. This is due both to the interests of sporting fairness, but also, of course, to keep the professional damage as far down as possible, says Rummenigge.

the Bundesliga is because of the coronavirusudbruddet provisional paused as most of the other leagues in Europe. In Germany, the fighting in the middle of the march postponed. Since the soccer ball is not rolled in Germany, and the season is expected at the earliest, to be resumed on the 30. april.

when Asked about the possibility to finish the season, even if it should involve an extension into september, says Rummenigge:

– If it is from a sundhedsaspekt and a political assessment can not be different, one must, if necessary, to handle this scenario. Although it would mean that the season can first start to winter.

Bayern Munich leads the Bundesliga by 25 of the season’s total of 34 matches with 55 points. Borussia Dortmund are four points for second place.

unlike many of its competitors in the Bundesliga is Bayern Munich strong economic and can therefore better cope through a period of lack of revenue from match days, writes Bild.

on Tuesday morning holds the Deutsche Fussball Liga, which has the responsibility for the conduct of the two top ranks in German football, a meeting with the members on the current situation.