The Podcast

We try, the high German almost as much to lose plenty of fat, such as muscles. We have so many different dialects, which are actually regarded as really attractive! Who would have thought, for example, that a “Servus” has so much appeal? Bavarian and Austrians, Japanese, namely, the list of is probably the hottest dialects. Incomprehensible, if it were up to Maya, “Oh, Baby! The Podcast for better Sex” is.

language is rather sub-conscious a large role

as diverse as the dialects, are the opinions. Also Mrs Isa, the schwäbisch very UN-erotic.

The language is a point that plays in the attractiveness of a person is often rather subconsciously, a big role. This includes accents, and the vocal color. To not recognize both, even if the Partner is looking for the partner in a Dating App.

This experience, but also many more that are in the current “Oh, Baby!”-Follow on Spotify, iTunes, and to listen everywhere, where there are Podcasts,. Also, what dialect, Isa, and Maya do not speak then, when they expire, just to the trained high-German.