An unknown person stole gold bars worth around 800,000 euros from a transport vehicle in Bayreuth. The perpetrator penetrated the van of a logistics company on Tuesday afternoon and took out the gold bars, as the Bavarian police announced on Friday.

A surveillance video shows how the perpetrator stows the gold on a trolley that resembles a sack truck and then flees in an unknown direction.

The Bayreuth criminal police investigated and asked for information from the population. The search is for a man or woman who was wearing jeans, a darker hoodie, a peaked cap and a hood pulled over it at the time of the crime. In addition, the suspect wore dark gloves and a light-colored mouth and nose protector.

There have been rumors about soccer star Gerard Piqué for a long time. According to a media report, singer Shakira even caught her husband in flagrante delicto. Another report now says that Shakira suffered a panic attack in front of her house.

Recently, more and more mega-yachts belonging to the Russian oligarchs have been disappearing from the world’s ocean positioning systems. Many of the luxury ships were last seen in the Maldives. According to research by the British “Observer”, owners are said to have switched off their “Automatic Identification System”.