– the Investor worked out the project taking into account the recommendations of the Council of Ministers of Kazakhstan, – said the head of the administration of Yalta Roman Tikhonchuk.

According to him, the area could become one of the most attractive recreation areas in Crimea – as a new attraction for tourists and a promenade for citizens.

the Park named after Frunze was laid one hundred years ago on the large estates landowner Mlinarica. Last large reconstruction was carried out 40 years ago. All the time care little for these years fell and the collapse of the Soviet Union, and devastation to the Ukrainian times.

– the Heyday of the Park occurred in 80-e years it was a favorite place of citizens, – said the dendrologist Olga Selezneva. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many of the plants died, some areas were empty, some were filled with concrete. Green is actually only half of the territory. In the worst condition of the lawns and flower beds. We plan to plant more shrubs. Now there are many plants that can be grown in containers is not only beautiful but also convenient. Due to the variety of plants – conifers and flowering leafy Park is beautiful all year round. We also want to restore sirigeri that there was in the days of Mlinarica, and create a rose garden.

somehow lost about 10-15 per cent of green square. Of the remaining plants about 10 percent want to replace the same, another 30 will have to be trimmed and treated.

the Changes will be massive: there will be ornamental and climbing plants. Thanks to the latest infrastructure in the Park into the landscape – it will be invisible and functional.

In the end bronirovania the Park area will increase from the current 50 to 70 percent. Provides automatic watering system.

Little drop – wisely to care, says Olga Selezneva. In the catalogue of flowers and shrubs are suitable for the climate of Evpatoria, for example, the wild olive.

At the hearing discussed the problems of this part of the city is the largest area of Yevpatoriya is obsolete. In the Park there is no clear functional zones, navigation, unified design. Lost ecological function areas, cluttered buildings. One of the problems – the Park is not adapted for disabled citizens and parents with young children. Many of the tracks are broken or simply impassable.

Residents of Yalta were interested in whether there will be a Park open and accessible. The creators of the project said that everything will be as before, moreover, it is planned to not only restore vegetation but also to engage seriously in infrastructure.

So, we studied the traffic flow of people in the Park, a route map, which will be the basis for the planning of new paths. At the intersection of transit flows is now a café, it wants to dismantle and install the fountain. Appears infrastr��infrastructure for people with disabilities, awnings, signs, lighting, including lighting of ornamental plants, children’s playgrounds, a skating rink, Ferris wheel, amusement rides and rope Park. The city authorities see this place a comfortable area where you can hold social events.

– Fencing in the Park will not be, – said Roman Tikhonchuk.