the most Important information to “Battlefield 5” platforms PC, PS4 and Xbox One Release 20.11.2018 (Switzerland) price 59.99 euros (PC) on Origin, 72.90 francs (PS4) PSN, 75 francs (Xbox One) on Xbox live age from 18 years of age Overview: Wherefore, in the “Battlefield 5”

According to the future scenario in “Battlefield 4” and the First world war in “Battlefield 1” reverses the long-lived Shooter series back to its origins. During the Second world war, the game has to offer not only hot battles in eight huge environments. Soloists may, in addition, take three Mini-campaigns. The players need not to 100. The Omaha Beach race. Instead, it applies to lead times of a young Norwegian resistance fighter, a British special forces unit or a squad from the former French Africa colonies to success.

Trailer for “Battlefield 5”

This has given us Useful new features

As in the previous like you spend most of your time in the conquest mode of the Multiplayer Parts, it may be conquer in huge environments, up to seven points and keep. Newly, the defender may hedge positions with barbed wire or sand bags to attach. So makes it difficult for the opponents to the taking, especially if you are traveling on foot. The power of the Defending the occupied points a little more worthwhile than in previous editions. In addition, Medics can drag your wounded team members, first in safety, and in order to revive there. And by the beginning of the tightening of ammunition, one is always glad to supply a Support player. So it is worth more than in the past to stick to his squad and to support these with their own special skills.

Improved Gun – and-Gameplay

While in the “Battlefield 1” shots buzzed partially scattered by the environment, the bullets fly much more accurately to the targeted destination. In addition, the soldiers never been so easily through the environment have moved. So a garden will no longer be a fence to be an almost insurmountable obstacle, and even in the squat speed, you can sprint behind the next corner. Through these changes, the Gameplay seems to be overall much faster and more action-Packed than the last part.

Epic Grand Operations

The Grand Operations are a sequence of several Multiplayer battles in various environments, which is the result of a battle has an influence on the conditions of the next conflict. Here it is after about an hour, even a kind of “Battle Royale”battle of the last two Survivors decide about victory and defeat of the entire previous game. It’s an extremely nerve-wracking final minutes.

a Graphical feast for the eyes

Visually, there probably is still no better Multiplayer battles. This applies both to the detail-rich environments, as well as the spectacular effects, if, for example, walls or entire houses of tanks will be razed to the ground. In General, the environment is still destructible than in the past. Particularly spectacular, the snowy environments in the Northern Narvik or in a mountain to see the section with the snowed mountain huts.

we appreciate annoyed Technically weak Was Stories

We absolutely that “Battlefield 5” in contrast to the “Call of Duty”-competition of content for single-player. And the scenarios are actually chosen great if, for example, in the Chapter Nordlys the battle for the Plutonium production of the necessary heavy water in the Outlands. Or the life of Africans, the draw for France in the war, without being welcome there, in the center. However, the maximum 90-minute Mini-campaigns suffer from technical problems. Part of the opponent replenishment popping seemingly out of nowhere directly in the environment, a pre-planned event is not triggered. And the partial focus on Stealth Gameplay, the lack of artificial intelligence to the point of absurdity.

Conservatively-designed maps

In “Battlefield 4” and had to collapse the Levolution System, skyscrapers, and the environments in the midst of battle to change. In “Battlefield 1” resulted in the so-called Behemoths such as war, trains or zeppelins for spectacle. This kind of Highlights are missing in the new game and the environments themselves seem a little interchangeable. Both great differences in height as well as different types of environments within the same Map it is not found here. So Amsterdam is a purely urban environment, while on the Arras-card, simply criss-cross through the rape fields. Here’s a bit more variety would have been done within the environments.


The biggest Problem of “Battlefield 5” is the Shooter still looks unfinished. The “Battle Royale”mode is only in the spring, a fourth Was a Story in the December and also the existing content still have some Bugs that will hopefully be fixed as soon as possible. A pity, because in principle, the points of the new edition with some fresh ideas, such as the Grand Operations, spectacular graphics and the best Gunplay for many issues. So Battlefield 5 is currently still a promise in the future. In its current state, the Game acts more like a solid framework than a finished product.

rating: 7 out of 10 to a later-appearing contents