last week, the coronavirus revealed an unusual side-effect: people began to see better. Not that glasses are no longer needed, but the pink glass in them became transparent. With gingerbread houses fabulous Russia began to crumble powdered sugar propaganda, and below it, skewed to show the gray wall of harsh reality.

let’s Start with a favorite propaganda toys — import. The Ministry of industry and trade in the face Bocharov, Deputy Minister, reported that “the company is now increasing the output of equipment at approximately the same level as during the great Patriotic war”. Tsyb, first Deputy Minister reported that in April, the country plans to produce 500 of the ventilator, in may to 2,500 in June — 3 000. And then on the exports come from abroad do not depend on. Wow, can not only chickens to grow!

But then tragedy struck — two fires with these devices, people died. And it turns out the Russian in these devices only the name. Everything else is Chinese. We collect them, hang signboard and — forward. That is, the increase in the output of equipment is a building supplies from China and a bit of extra hired workers, able a screwdriver to hold in their hands.

masks more interesting. “One only masks now produced more than 8 million a day, and this is more than what we promised to release by the end of the month”, – reported in the last decade of April the head of Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov. Later, according to his Ministry, the situation is this: in April, Russia produced approximately 138,5 million different types of masks over the same period were imported from China about 105 million masks. And now the question is: why when determining the value of the mask all refer to China, which inflated prices? We produce more than we buy, even the export was allowed. Then we can dictate the price in the domestic market. In December, the mask in the retail cost 1.5 rubles… Now the production has increased, and the mask is at least 30 rubles. Or we’re only made out of material that comes from China? That is, all our production — sewing machine and tortured a migrant after her?

the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs, meanwhile, appealed to the FSB, interior Ministry and foreign Ministry with a request to ensure prompt entry into the country of foreign experts. And the industry is dying. Probably domestic equipment domestic experts are not able to produce domestic products.

Yes, and it is quite unnoticed was another “victory” in import substitution, the government refused to create a Russian equivalent of Wikipedia on the basis of the Great Russian ENCYCLOPAEDIA.

we have the state supports business, so he supported the workers. Amazing scheme. Working in the result of the strike. And business from��itawamba: this is not our strike, they resigned two weeks ago. For example, the roller with the largest aviation enterprises of Ulyanovsk. The workers cry, they cut in half, and is dissatisfied, they say, offered to go to the personnel Department and to write the application at own will. “I have a slave feel?” – outraged laborer. Here comes a little, what is when there is public way of the working man. Plant says the release: all garbage, the workers still do not understand, we are all in accordance with the collective employment contract. Whom to believe, when subsidies for business support will be given, huh? And such examples in a week — the darkness. On Shikotan, the fishermen in the city sewers, Yamal shift workers… About doctors — a different story.

As deputies of the state Duma under the guise as coronavirus and the procedure for adoption of laws simplified, preparing, unwittingly, revolutionised. How else to explain the adoption of a pair of laws: one extends the methods of voting so that no observation is impossible, the other prohibits elected persons convicted under articles of average weight (and this repeated violation of rules for holding rallies). Hey, opposition! It turns out that legitimate democratic way — through elections — to change something in the state harder and harder. But if a legal way is impossible, and it would be necessary, how?

Deputies are still distinguished in the virus — pinned badges with the cross. Not with the Orthodox (there is at least some chance would be), and simple shapes such contagion scare. One of them, a member of the liberal democratic party, even admitted that “all this stuff that you write on the Internet” uses. And all of a sudden? So for zakonotvorchestvo do not worry. There is no change.

In principle, the week could be ended peacefully, but then got trump said, making “super-duper rocket”. The problem is that in space there can be only one talker (not to be confused with the bird-talker, a bird the chatterer differs mind and ingenuity). Therefore, in the information space left Dmitry Rogozin and said that against the “super-duper” missiles we have nothing to do, so give up. Joked. This is the problem is the head of “Roskosmos” – the audience laugh? If Yes, then it is necessary to recognize, cope. That’s only “East” again to alter have, at 763.1 million. and then the satellites “Gonets-M” with a bad start.

And what about Putin? Nothing new. Putin continued to fight with the officials. They demanded that immoral, from their point of view, acts: to work for the good of the people, to pay people money. So-so worked. However, if you wear rose-colored glasses — not bad. Can you say, fabulous.

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