Bastian Yotta (42) leads a life in luxury. Because of suspicion on tax evasion in the swank millionaire had to swap the Villa against the prison cell, looking reported.

After a night in the Frankfurt jail Yotta is again on free foot. In an Interview with RTL, he reveals how he experienced the U-imprisonment: “The prison cell was quite small, white-tiled and had a bathroom. There was blinding, white light. I thought, I’m in the wrong Film. The last 24 hours, I do not wish anybody. That was one of the worst experiences of my life.”

Yotta had was no idea

On Friday, he the cell. Apparently, Yotta want to fly again this weekend back to Los Angeles. From Frankfurt the Protzbrocken seems to have enough. At the airport, Yotta was arrested on Thursday morning. “I was all surprised completely, I had no idea that you have something against me,” says Bastian Yotta in retrospect. “I’m not stupid. If I had known that there was a warrant, I would not have gone over the limit or would have tried to clarify the Whole thing in advance.”

Free on bail

Yotta Is now guilty or not? “Image” weiss: The swank-entrepreneur was only allowed to go on bail. The suspicion of tax evasion. The participation in the “jungle camp” from 11. January 2019 is nothing but in the way. (lcb)