On the social networks Bastian Yotta (42), who took part in this year’s RTL jungle camp part staged, as the million dollar man Live. But in his home country of Germany should be determined according to the newspaper “Bild”against him. It is about 768 000 francs tax liabilities, to the Reality TV Star has amassed and which are now reclaimed from the tax office. Allegedly, it was, among other things, to trade tax receivables from the year 2008.

FBI counter-Yotta

not determine, But only in Germany Yottas finances to be examined. Also in the USA, he should be noticed by the authorities. A German investigator says “image”: “Mr. Yotta has made it perfect to hide from the German and the American tax system, has disguised his address. For the US tax office has therefore now the FBI actively.”

According to the newspaper have indicated Yotta to the German authorities to pay tax on his income earned in the United States. In the case of the American authorities, he should, in turn, have given to pay taxes in Germany. A further Problem was that Bastian Yotta have allegedly stated his address properly. So a tax bill in the US could not be delivered, which is why the FBI is investigating now.

Yotta says to the allegations

The Ex-jungle camper told the newspaper: “Due to the ongoing proceedings I can make no information. However, I’m cooperating fully with the authorities, in order to create the thing from the world.” Sounds like he would take the matter seriously. But on Instagram, he quips about the plight: “I agree with you: I’m going diving, I’ll change my name to Bastian Gotta. I’m going to close my Instagram, because everyone else knows that I’m in Santa Monica.”

arrest for suspected tax evasion

Already in the beginning of December last year, Bastian Yotta at the arrival to the jungle camp, was arrested at the Frankfurt airport by the police. One night he had to spend because of suspicion on tax evasion in prison. In addition, a pensioner brought a Pair of serious allegations against the Reality TV Star. They claim: The swank-Star to them debts of 1.8 million Swiss francs. (euc)