The 23-year-old Tequila is an experienced mother, informed the zoo on Wednesday; Quimba is her seventh of the young animal. The skinny little spider monkey with the young animals are silvery fur would only show with about four months of the first trips away from my mother’s belly company and the identification of typical acrobatic deposits.

your skills and the kind of owes also an anatomical specialty: spider monkeys as a so-called “voice Hangler” no thumb on the hands and are able to use the Hand as a hook. Their prehensile tail they use as a fifth Hand as a backup leash. Spider monkeys are playful, to the delight of the zoo audience.

your gender require to identify more anatomy knowledge: Who looks like a male, a female, because in the case of spider monkeys, the clitoris, significantly females, is prolonged.

The spider monkeys group in Basel consists of five males and six females. Quimbas father is the 26-year-old Ferdinand. The four young males are between two and six years old. You will leave the Zoo in Basel shortly, even in nature the young males of their group to say goodbye.

females and males are separate in nature, in smaller groups and meet only from time to time. The males defend their territory together. Spider monkeys live in the treetops of the tropical rain forests of Central America. They eat mainly ripe fruits and a bit of leaves and flowers.

The world conservation Union (IUCN) classifies the spider monkey as critically endangered. Their habitat is being lost and they are hunted as Pets, traded. In Basel Zoo was the last to 2016 and of 2013 offspring in this species.