A covert Search of the Sunday look reveals terrorist plans by Swiss neo-Nazis. A newly formed group of armed Right-wing has formed a few days after the attack in Christchurch, new Zealand. The core of the group consists of three men and a woman from the Region of Bern and Basel, the rush against Jews, foreigners, and dissenters, and each other with murder fantasies to beat.

politicians are shocked

The neo-Nazi plans to shock in the Federal government in Bern. “The violent radicalisation of extreme right-wing splinter groups is frightening,” said SP national councillor Cédric Wermuth (33, AG). He has the development been on the political Radar, and States: “Switzerland has established itself clearly as a hub for European right-wing extremists and right-wing terrorists, because the scene feels safe here. That must make us think.”

He refers to further incidents such as the Ku-Klux-Klan-parade in Schwyz or Switzerland’s Connections to neo-Nazi networks in Germany. In addition, the extreme Right would occur, increasingly, shamelessly in the Public, the show also by a neo-Nazi-mentioned GC-a mess-a disgrace in football.

wormwood is not the Only one, the development is a cause of Worry. “The anonymity of the social media for the benefit of a culture that is increasingly unrestrained,” says BDP chief Martin Landolt (50, GL). “Of inflammatory words to actual acts of violence it is not then all of a sudden.” The problem of extreme-right violence must be taken seriously, Landolt. Because: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Also, CVP national councillor Ida Glanzmann (60, LU) is alerted. “The right-wing extremists can build up and nobody looks”, is indignant the Vice-President of the political-Security Commission. “It’s not that the news service jihadists can monitor, in the case of violent extremists, however, not a closer look. As we need to adjust the law accordingly.”

SP-Wermuth down hopes on CVP-Amherd

wormwood expected, however, that the authorities according to the most recent events now “in the neo-Nazi scene-finally – instead of straining to look the other way”. His hopes, he relies in the new CVP-Minister of defence Viola Amherd (56), which is also the Federal intelligence service.

He intervenes directly at her with an open letter, to the present VIEWS. “Violent right-wing extremism in Switzerland has become again to the real threat of democracy and freedom,” he writes in the “Viola of love”.

From her he expected a little more sensitivity than its two SVP-predecessors, Ueli Maurer, (68), Guy Parmelin (59). These would have reacted in the issue of “trivialising”, complained Wermuth. After the recent events is clear: “Now we can no longer deny the threat any longer.”

In his letter, the father of two asks, therefore, Amherd as a “top safety politician in the country, to take the Situation at last as what it is: a growing terrorist threat from the right”.