Two things loved Silvia B.* (†41) about everything: the forest and the sea. The Winter, the girl from Basel, Switzerland spends in your home. She collects wild herbs, selling them to Restaurants. In the summer of the passionate Diver in Andalusia’s. A Horror Crash, she pulls on Saturday morning from their two worlds (VIEW reported).

It is 2.40 PM. Up to their southern hometown of Tarifa, a 50 minutes journey are still missing. In the height of Sotogrande, Cádiz, locking a Range Rover at high speed from behind in the Audi A3. Silvia B. is sitting on the back seat.

death arm commits hit-and-run

The massive impact destroyed the Audi to recognition, together pushes the rear wheel. Sabina b is clamped between the Seats. Two other occupants manage to rise in spite of severe injuries from the car wreck. You will be immediately admitted to the intensive care unit of the hospital La Línea de la Concepción in.

Silvia B. dies, however, still on the ground. The firefighters have to cut open the roof of the vehicle and the driver’s seat to dismount to retrieve the Dead. In about 100 meters distance, the police found the completely wrecked Range Rover from Gibraltar with a British license plate. By the driver, is still missing.

“she was a very cheerful person,”

Sabina B. at this time worked as a dive instructor. In Tarifa, the grief is great. The Facebook page of the diving school is filled with sad Posts. “There are people who you will not forget, and Silvia is one of them with your optimism, your good mood and energy,” writes a diver colleague. But also in their Swiss home to the heart is difficult for many. So-gourmet chef Hubert Mayer recalls, for example: “Silvia brought me herbs in the kitchen of the restaurant Krafft Basel. She was a real friend. A very cheerful person.”

* the Name has been changed