In the match of the 26th round of the Euroleague regular season “Zenith” played with Bayern Munich, with whom he shared the last place in the standings. The opponents were tough for the team of Xavier Pascual, but after the final siren the scoreboard showed the score – 68:77. Bayern, by and large, only two stars-who played nine seasons in the NBA and came to the Munich team in the summer of center Greg Monroe and silver medalist of the Euro-2017 Serb Vladimir Lučić. Media person is also Maodo Lo, the son of a Liberian immigrant and a famous German artist and fighter for women’s rights.

In January, she failed in the Euroleague Bayern and Zenit, sacked the head coach, but the place is Dejan Radonjic took his assistant Oliver Kostic. To radically change the team did not have. The Paschal also have to build a team on the move. In the first half the game was equal. “Zenith” all the time was a little bit ahead, but at the end of the second quarter two long-range shots scored by the German forward, the Pain of Sipser. Particularly spectacular was the last match with Serena at the break.

In the second half ahead all the time was Bayern Munich, but for 3.5 minutes before the end of normal time after a long shot and three free throws Austin Hollins accurate the score was equal to 68:68. After that, points were scored only for guests. A minute and 10 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter, Monroe scored in this match by 25 points, scored from under the shield and converted the bonus free-kick. Bayern were victorious on the day of the 120th anniversary of the club and left Zenit on the net last place.