they found him early in the Morning in downtown Houston. John Lucas, NBA Star with the Houston Rockets, lay unconscious on the street, in a suit and sports socks, without shoes, in his own urine, drugged up with cocaine and alcohol.

the 14. In March 1986, and the deepest low point in a career full of crashes: Lucas, ten years ago, the promise of the most Talent in the League, was now at the end. In the evening he should have as a regular player with the NBA team Houston against the Portland Trail Blazers compete. Instead, coach Bill Fitch threw him off.

, the mustache

Lucas stayed would die, he would not have been the first in the drug-infested NBA of the 80s. Thus, the highly-talented Len Bias, in 1986, 22 died at the age of from an Overdose of cocaine. But Lucas is still there. “I saw the devil,” says he, now 65 years of Age. “And let me tell you, that was nice.”

It is February 2019, with Lucas sitting in front of an away game the Houston Rockets at the Utah Jazz on a folding chair at the edge of the field, except for the bushy mustache, nothing is more reminiscent of the Lucas of 30 years ago. On the parquet of the high-paid artist ball warm up to Megastar James Harden. On a Lucas threw a special eye on Clint Capela, the 24-year-old Center from Switzerland. “For me, he is like a son,” says Lucas, on Sunday. “We have understood from the first Moment.”

clinic of rehabilitation-Director, and talent developer

The drugs and the booze are long past, Lucas is now in rehab clinics for athletes with addiction problems, he is also a talent developer in Houston. “The city has saved my life,” he says. “The work here is my Chance to give something back.”

that’s Why he came up with Capela in contact when the stand is still at the beginning of his career. Lucas is regarded as one of the main people responsible for the meteoric rise of the by the Geneva, he has been concentrating on with him for years on his throwing and defense technology. “He gives me a good feeling, he is always positive,” says Capela, Lucas. “His Humor is great. In my first year he was here, I wish I had had someone to push me the way he does.”

the influence of The Ex-professionals in addition to technical tips. “I do not see myself as a Mentor, the connection is close, I have with any of my players otherwise. We talk about everything,” says Lucas. “About Money, Girls, Basketball.” It is Lucas, the chapel of the Winter was advised urgently to take the Hand to operate. “I told him: “do it now! Take a break, be healthy! It’s not just about the life during the Basketball, it is also about the life after.” He must never forget.”

“The money has not changed him”

the Geneva has Forgotten where he comes from. In conditions of poverty and without a father, in Geneva, grew up, during six years, accommodated in children’s homes, while the mother referred to social assistance, under the chapel last summer, wrote a contract that can earn him in five years, up to 90 million US dollars.

In Houston is called the 2.08 m big Swiss already jokingly “Swiss Bank”. But: “The money has not changed him,” says Lucas. “He has remained the same.” It’s better that way, because it will be even more, believes Lucas. “I am convinced that he will be in five years, a Max-Deal sign. He will earn it.”

For the old Pro is clear: “Capela will be much better. He now has it for more than he can show, because everything on James Harden is aligned, is for me the best player in the world. Clint is more than a Pick-and-Roll player who can also Dunk. Now he needs to be physically stronger and be a Allstar.”

But Lucas has no fear that Capela could one day stand out whether all the money, fame and glory, as it happened to him yourself? “No,” says Lucas. “Clint is a good Kid. Him, I don’t need to tell my story. He understands that.”