Basket on the doorstep

This aid is provided in the framework of the project “We are together”, organized by the onf, “Volunteers-doctors” platform and the Association of volunteer centres. Volunteers come to the house or apartment and provided with individual means of protection. According to the onf, only Russia, so helping older people already 85 thousand people.

Muscovites over 65 can contact us by phone +7 (495) 870-45-09 and leave a request. Within the hour they will call back from the Department of social protection of Moscow, and then deliver food or medicines.

Free grocery deliveries for elderly and disabled people promise a lot of the online stores. For example, in the “Crossroads” is reduced from 3 to 2 thousand rubles minimum order amount at which free shipping. “Platypus” pensioners and people with disabilities promises to deliver products the same day.

food you can get for free. For example, the volunteers of the project “Basket of kindness”, launched by the Foundation of food “Rus” jointly with X5 Retail Group in 2015, to form sets of basic products, which include cereals, pasta, sunflower oil, canned food, tea, and pastries. Now the sets have expanded dairy products, soft drinks, and shampoos, gels, detergents and care products, soap, toothpaste and brushes, cleaning products. These kits are delivered to elderly people living alone in Moscow, Moscow region and St.-Petersburg. Anyone can donate to the project from 150 to 2 thousand rubles through the site cordinadora.of the Russian Federation (see QR code).

it is possible that such assistance is in the form of a free set of food for the most needy will be implemented at the state level. The food card program was discussed back in 2015, but has not been started.

Back to this idea recently proposed manufacturers and suppliers of food products. Here’s how it might look: citizens with low incomes, and those who lost income in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, get ration cards for 10 thousand rubles a month, buy them only products of domestic production. “In the current situation of the food card must be entered without delay. They will help the needy through difficult times” – said a member of the agricultural Committee of the state Duma Arkady Ponomarev.

If you want to make a donation to the project “Basket of kindness”, you can use this link.

Today, for many, is not only the availability of the products, but the method of delivery isolated.