Russian junior basketball player Anastasia Badina has sent her internet followers into meltdown after sharing a provocative video of her changing her clothes in a way that’s been likened to an iconic scene from ‘Basic Instinct.’

The 19-year-old participated in a popular dress-change challenge, seamlessly swapping her red cocktail dress for a basketball kit, while twirling a ball on her finger.

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Badina was sitting on a chair with her legs spread, in a pose which was immediately compared to Sharon Stone’s iconic leg-cross in the movie ‘Basic Instinct.’

You are Russian Sharon Stone” one person wrote under Badina’s video.

This is the best basketball ad I’ve ever seen,” another comment read.

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Now I will watch women’s basketball more attentively,” another user added.

Badina plays for the MBA club in Russian women’s basketball Superleague -1. In 2017, she represented the Russian U-16 team at international level.

She has spent the 2019 season in MBA’s reserves, collecting just 4.3 points and making 0.5 assists and 1.6 rebounds in 38 games.

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