However, I don’t want to go into depth the reasons HBO this strange “censorship” thing in the “most free country in the world.” I’m not very interesting here that comes from political correctness and genuine caring about the feelings of African Americans, and that’s just to do with politics and the upcoming presidential election in the United States.

In the end because you can say so: think, one private company has imposed a temporary ban on one the adaptation of an American novel. But HBO is not “some company”. Its audience in the U.S. alone has 40 million subscribers. It broadcasts in more than 50 countries around the world. HBO is the leader in creating the best and most famous series in recent time in its track record – “the Sopranos,” “Game of thrones”, “Westworld”, “Young Dad”, “Chernobyl” and many other series which had a great success including in Russia. But on the other hand, in our country and especially loved the great Roman Mitchell, and his adaptation of the incomparable Vivien Leigh in the title role.

But at home the film’s success was stunning – 10 Oscars, the movie tickets were sold, more than any other Hollywood movie, and it had the largest box office in the United States in the history of home rentals.

What has changed in those 80 years? The film or the novel, become worse? Or do they, writes portal “Medusa” respected critic Galina Yuzefovich, in today’s world, “looks weird”? Or is it a temporary phenomenon in terms of socio-political instability in the United States, and us it has nothing to do with?

besides, censorship today, as a rule, have the opposite effect. The next day after a ban on the picture “gone with the wind” in HBO her demand on Amazon has soared to the top of the sales rankings. I have no doubt that the Russian audience, which monitors the global cultural news, will react to this ban in the same way. So neither film nor the novel does not suffer. On the contrary.

the Russian filmmakers already responded to this news with a performance by Yuri Grymov. “It is clear in whose minds was born this crazy idea. The authors – political … (bad word) who spit on everything and everyone, when speaking about the main: about power. These little people are able to sell everything: culture, history, its own views – at least in retail at least wholesale.”

Actually, I have nothing to add to these words. The tendency to impose the principles of political correctness and the “right” approach to the history of works of art, moreover, created almost a century ago, looks much more “wildly”, the words Yuzefovich than these works. What do we do with the great Mark TWAIN novel “the adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, where one of the first paragraphs the word “nigger” in different variations there are seven time? Today “jurisdiction” was Margaret Mitchell with her unconditional love for the good old American tradition, Yes, slave-owning South, but tomorrow, under the same ban can enter and other great literary “southerner” William Faulkner novels “Absalom, Absalom!” and “Undefeated.” Not if it comes to that, it was posthumously deprived of the Nobel prize for literature for the famous “racism”?

the article Galina Yuzefovich on “Medusa”, however, there is one very true idea. Why should we look at works of art, besides, I repeat, is written in the past, as a modern product, which is “not like”, say, some part of the world population? “Art in our time is conceptualized as a weapon of direct and immediate emotional impact, and such important mechanisms as… comprehension and analysis behind the”.

But in this case I do not understand her joy in connection with the decision of HBO to return the movie to its rightful place, accompanied by his “discussion of the political context and censure certain moments present in the film.”

In my opinion, this is worse than censorship. This is an attempt to turn a difficult and certainly controversial work of the great “South” American literary school in a pharmaceutical product that needs accompanying instructions. I wonder how it would look? Let me remind you that in Soviet times, which are considered a nightmarish Communist past, the works of Russian and world classics were accompanied by such ideological introductions-instructions. Because these works were written at a time when Marxism-Leninism has not yet dotted all the i’s. Today, these prefaces look wildly, in contrast to the world’s masterpieces. In the United States want to repeat our glorious experience? Welcome!

And the last. The Margaret Mitchell novel largely halloo to one another with our great novels about the Civil war – “the Quiet Don” and “the White guard”. In all three works, the authors certainly understand that dear to their heart, civilization is doomed. The course of history is inexorable. South American “agrarian” aristocracy was similarly doomed to failure, as our Cossacks and the White movement. But the task of art is not to do the right historical conclusions, to which they constantly appeal to the political reasoner, as a rule, crooks.

his other tasks.