Cern guide promise often a huge scientific breakthrough. You feel a pressure to save the world?
Karl Jacob:
There are good reasons to save the world. In fact, serious problems are, for example, energy supply or climate change. We do not develop specific technologies, but what we do is basic research, the knowledge gain will bring forth the humanity and is also the basis for technological progress.

Cern it has an annual budget of 1.2 billion Swiss francs. You would not invest the money in specific projects, such as, for example, solar energy?
in fact, more than a billion Swiss francs per year sounds like a lot, but it is supported by 23 States. And in comparison it is not so much the big universities have similar Budgets. And of course, the science must work on current problems, but it takes both. We need to make basic research to achieve technological progress. The money should be for both.

I say, quite clearly: Yes! It would be bad if we could not explain how the mass of an electron. The Higgs mechanism is the solution to this Problem.

I think not. Such basic research has improved our lives again and again. There are many examples.

In the 19th century. A century of research by British physicists such as Michael Faraday on electric and magnetic phenomena. Many thought it was spinning. Because no one knew back then what you would start with electricity. Today, our world that comes from without. Often, the application of the first decades after discovery by basic research. With us at Cern, it is often also the development of new measuring instruments, has a practical Use. For example, the detectors that we have developed for the search for the Higgs Boson. These are found today in every hospital in the nuclear spin tomograph, which can be used to detect diseases and injuries in the inside of the body.

I can’t tell you today. It would be much too early. Maybe there is an application in fifty, maybe a hundred years.

The Higgs particle, it was said over 50 years ago advance, Englert, Peter Higgs, a physicist from Edinburgh, and two Belgian colleague, Robert Brout and François.

There are in nature four fundamental forces – two of them all know. Once the gravity or gravity, which ensures that an Apple falls to the ground or the planets revolve around the sun. Then, the electromagnetic force, which describes all electric and magnetic phenomena, for example the radio waves on our cell phones and receive data. At the subatomic level there are two additional forces: the strong nuclear force, the other the weak. Physicists can describe these four forces accurately, by the so-called quantum field theory. This theory works great, and you can test it. But the Problem was: The Only thing that can describe the theory, is the mass of the particles.

Higgs into the game.
Yes. We know that the building blocks of matter – electrons and Quarks that form the protons and neutrons have a mass. But in the theories that describe the interactions of elementary particles, quantum field theories, these particles have no mass. As soon as it is calculated with the masses, not the equations. Now the physicists were in the sixties but not ready to the theory, because it is otherwise so excellent. Therefore, Higgs and colleagues have postulated an additional particle field. This is the role to convey the particles have a mass and then the theory goes back up. Our experiments have shown that Peter Higgs was right.

Yes. Such extensions of the theories are quite possible.

The deeds of the ancient Greeks, who did not understand why clouds rumbling sometimes. So you invented just a thunder God as an explanation, in order to bring your world to falter.
there is a big difference. First of all, there was a good reason that quantum field theory does not simply give up: they had an exceptionally good predictive power, especially for the quantum electro-dynamics. Therefore, it was attempted to extend the model. Although it took fifty years, until we were able to prove the prediction of Peter Higgs at Cern. But in 2012, we were able to measure the mass of the Higgs particle. This was the final proof. The calculations of Peter Higgs and colleagues agreed well with our results. In contrast, the ancient Greeks able to measure your God of thunder never or prove that he has simply filled a gap in their view of the world.

The were not a physicist, which gave the particles the name, but the media. A scientist from the USA was asked by a journalist after the Higgs boson, and answered: “Ah, this God damn particle.” The Journalist has turned it around then and the “God particle”.

Now the Higgs is found particles. What remains to be done?
Very much. We have now written more than 800 scientific publications. We make high quality Tests of the predictions of quantum field theory. In the basis of the research never comes to an end.

He was before 13.8 billion years ago.

Then you would be in contradiction to our experimental observations. That would be bad.

Yes. We can’t explain the big Bang or what was before that. Since our present theories break down. But scientists from the field of Theoretical physics working on it.

God has always used for things you can’t explain. Physics has pushed him further and further back. But we will never be able to prove whether it exists or not. The must each for itself.

I don’t want to say. But I respect both the world view that there is a God and that there is no.

Yes. What you see in the picture, is the shadow of a Black hole. A black hole can’t you see, because it emits no light. On the picture you can see matter moving in the vortex around the Black hole, very hot and emits light. It is again an example of how theory and Experiment work together: The theory of Black holes has been verified by the picture excellent. And it is another example of a huge international cooperation. It is one of the most important scientific breakthroughs of the last decades.

Cern has not published. But the parties to a physicist, leading an Experiment in Italy, in the Gran Sasso massif. Cern has only made its infrastructure available. A neutrino beam was generated at Cern and sent to Italy. All the physicists were very skeptical. Immediately, they began to review the statement and the effect to measure. But it did not come to this confirmation. It was an experimental error. The researchers have published too early and not enough Checks carried out.

The result would have been a scientific Sensation. Since the pressure is huge to be the First one who published it.

I don’t think so. In the Atlas-project 3000 scientists work. Each result, each publication will be heavily scrutinized. Very often, we have two analysis teams working completely independently of each other, and to the same result. Then ask still more independent scientists the results before we publish them.

I have searched for 20 years after the Higgs particle. It is a great was satisfaction, as we have found it. The next big dream would be to solve the question of Dark matter. Approximately 24 percent of the energy density of the universe is likely to consist of it. The measurements show. The Dark matter must be present, but we could not prove it. At Cern, we try them under controlled conditions. Parallel experiments will be conducted to try to direct shock processes between Dark matter particles and ordinary matter to prove.

The evidence has been taken, unfortunately. This doesn’t mean, however, that we will find you. Probably we need a bigger particle accelerator or significantly more data.

Hossenfelder open to the public, the Complainant States that the Cern wasting money by giving it constant for new devices, with which any evidence is to succeed.
The criticism is not tough to know since no man can presume how the nature is structured, and where you can find new particle actually is or not. Our task as scientists is to explore the accessible energy and mass areas to explore in the future with a larger accelerator is also a physical frontier.

I do not know. Maybe he is 2045 finished. Since I am no longer so young.

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