The first for the Basel police converted the Tesla X-100 D had already been in December delivered. Now the training of police officers was completed, informed the Minister of justice and police of the Canton of Basel – city (JSD) on Friday.

in addition, the final report of the data protection officer of the Canton for the use of the new high-tech vehicles. According to the communication from the cantonal police takes over the eight recommendations, which lists the data protection officer Beat Rudin in his report. Thus, the use of Tesla’s according to Rudin in the way.

among the recommendations Rudins, among other things, the replacement of the Tesla SIM card such of a Swiss provider. In addition, the cantonal police, waived to activate in the vehicle with the Dashcam, or to detect road section data and to transmit it.

Of the three so far, Tesla delivered only two to come from this weekend, as it was called when JSD on request. The third vehicle remains as a Reserve in the Garage. The remaining four Tesla’s to arrive until the end of the year in Basel, Switzerland.

With the new Tesla’s, the Basel police replaces your current alarm stand-by vehicles of the brand Mercedes. With a price of 140’000 Swiss francs for a Tesla is around 50’000 Swiss francs more expensive than a comparable diesel vehicle. The Tesla’s convinced the authorities in terms of economy and environmental protection.

The procurement of Tesla’s triggered in the city of Canton a few vertebrae. The JSD caught in the crossfire of criticism because it renounced in the absence of a different provider on a tender. In addition, the Complainant States that the privacy Commissioner, in spite of the many data collected in a Tesla, only included to the procurement decision.