had not been The goal of his first published four-page letter to the report, the more than 400-page Report to summarize, said Barr. He didn’t want to call in view of the great public interest, only some of the conclusions during the discussions on the publication of the report were still running. Barr stressed that he had offered to Mueller, his four-page letter in advance to view, “but he has refused”.

Mueller had almost studied for two years whether or not Donald trump’s Team has made secret agreements with Russia and whether the President of the U.S. disabled the judiciary. Background the alleged interference by Moscow in the US presidential election in 2016. At the end of March, Mueller had finished his work, and Barr, a confidential report passed. First of all, Barr had published a four-page summary of it. Later, he made a partially redacted Version of the report to the public.

Mueller and his Team were joined in the investigation, therefore, on “numerous” contacts between Trumps choice fight camp, and representatives of Russia. Evidence of a Crime, they found them not. On the question of whether Trump have obstructed the justice, met with Mueller no definition, but presented evidence for and against. Barr came on this basis to the conclusion that the President had to make in this point, no criminal charges.

In a letter to Barr, which was shortly before the public hearing, had complained to Mueller by the end of March about Barr’s four-page Letter, complaining that the context and content of the results of the investigation were not covered completely. This had caused public confusion on key aspects of the investigation results.

Barr stopped in front of the US Congress, however, Mueller had emphasized in a personal conversation with him, he had not kept the four-page Letter is incorrect, but the media reporting about it. Mueller had accused him not to have the report distorted.