Make-up, tea lights, decorative stuff: there aren’t really any expensive items in the one-euro shop, at least that’s what you’d think. Germany’s price champions wanted to know more about it and went shopping both in the EuroShop and in drugstore chains – with surprising results.

You won’t find the bright red signs with the step “Everything just one euro” in the well-known one-euro shops. The Euroshop branches also have to adapt their strategy in view of the rising inflation. The prices go up.

“Everything just one euro”, that was once. A large part of the standard offer now costs between EUR 1.10 and EUR 2.

Nevertheless, Euroshop branches lure customers with super bargains.

After all, what can be expensive in a shop? Some things, as a visit to a Munich branch shows.

The list of supposed super bargains is long.

Especially with household items, cosmetics and drugstore goods, customers can only save in individual cases.

This was not the case with these products during the test purchase:

The branch charges 1.10 euros for the 50 plaster strips from Euroshop manufacturer Figo. At dm, the pack of 40 costs a whopping 45 cents.

24 plastic clothes pegs from manufacturer Paul Koch Euroshop are available for 2 euros. The same amount of wooden material is available from the dm brand Profissimo for 1.55 euros.

Ten all-purpose towels from the same Euroshop supplier are also available for two euros. Drugstore giant dm sells the 6-pack of its own brand Profissimo for 95 cents. The ten wipes cost the equivalent of 1.60 euros at the drugstore giant. That’s 40 cents less than at Euroshop.

A set of three scissors from the Jes collection costs two euros at EuroShop, and Rossmann also has three scissors from the Ideenwelt brand for 1.89 euros.

Five sponge cloths cost 35 cents less in the drugstore: namely only 85 cents. A whopping 1.10 euros in the Euroshop.

The set of 3 stainless steel scouring pads is available in the Euroshop for 1.10 euros. At dm, customers only pay 85 cents for the identical product.

On average, around 2,000 standard and seasonal items are sold in a branch. The Euroshop can help, especially with seasonal items and niche products.

A fan costs 1.10 euros. At Rossmann and dm, the corresponding product was not available in three branches.

The same applies to elastic for the sewing box. A Rossmann employee referred to a neighboring textile specialty store. The product only cost 99 cents in the Euroshop.

The Euroshop was also cheaper than the drugstore when it came to paper cups. The 30-pack cost 1.10 euros in a Munich branch. The 20 paper cups were available from dm for 1.65 euros. However, Kaufland sold the 50-pack for two euros.

The business with cheap offers and junk goods is highly competitive. The goods come mostly from China, the focus is on the price. This is another reason why retail chains such as EuroShop, Tedi, Action or Kik can score points during the current price phase. During the test purchase, it became apparent that customers were queuing in front of the doors before the shop opened.

An important indication of rising sales is that almost all low-cost providers want to maintain their expansion plans. Tedi, Kik, Euroshop and other chains often move into city centers where well-known luxury boutiques and large fashion chains move out for cost reasons.

If you shop in such stores, you should ideally shop with a shopping list. Ask yourself the questions: What do you need? What do you not need? What is just hanging around in the corner or in the closet as a dust collector?

In addition, you should always compare the prices of household, drugstore and decorative items with providers such as dm, Rossmann, Kaufland or Hit. The bargains in the cheap shops are not always worthwhile.

Supermarket prices are skyrocketing, but furniture, clothing, shoes and other consumer goods are also becoming more expensive. As a retail expert, I know the tricks of the trade and tell you how you can save money for you and your family every month when shopping. Would you like to talk to me about your savings tips and tricks? Did you notice anything while shopping? Then send an e-mail to with your name and phone number

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