It was a no thanks to a voluntary temporary pay cuts from Lionel Messi and his teammates to the employer FC Barcelona.

But the superstars will go down in the pay of the reason. For although the negotiations between the club and the players on Thursday stranded without a decision, has Barcelona now chosen to take the law in use.

Barcelona tried according to several Spanish media to get the løntunge footballers from the club’s first team to go first 70% down in wages and then 50 percent, while the corona-the crisis is forcing the soccer ball in the spring-hi, however, such an agreement could not be achieved.

Therefore, the Barcelona is now even officially announced, that they want to use the Spanish aid package called ERTE.

“With this scenario hanging over us, the board has decided to implement a number of measures to mitigate the effects and reduce the economic effects of this crisis,” writes Barcelona in a press release on the club’s website and explains further.

“It is, in essence, a reduction of the working day as a result of the circumstances and the protective measures being taken. And as a consequence a proportionate reduction of wages in the respective contracts.”

With the law in hand, Barcelona force the players – and the rest of the staff at the club – to go 30% down in pay, so they keep 70 percent of their income, so long as the corona-crisis, and there must be football.

This release Lionel Messi and co. so it is also somewhat cheaper than the original negotiations with the club supposedly put up to.

No one knows yet how long the coronavirussen will hold, among other things Spain is in lockdown, but with ERTE in the hand can Barcelona save 30 percent of labor costs in the first 180 days.

Should the shutdown last longer than it, the wages will drop to 50 percent.

Spain is one of the hardest-hit countries of coronavirussen, and the country has adopted the curfew in order to get contained the infection.

this means that The inhabitants of Barcelona and rest of Spain are only allowed to leave their homes, if they must act or have documents proving that they have an important place to be.