Not all the voetballoze period of time as perfectly. A lot of clubs will ask their players to be a part of their wages or salaries, such as there was of necessity any practices and games can go on. FC Barcelona and was met by this proposal met with a lack of the players from the Spanish club would like to have a piece to submit, but not as much as the clubleiding of them do.

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Spain is one of the hardest-hit countries in Europe during the coronacrisis, so that the players in La Liga are at home. According to the Spanish media would be the chairman, Josep Maria Bartomeu, a proposal has been made in the spelersraad to a reduction in working hours to create, and in this case, the salary of Lionel Messi and co. by.

The players of Barcelona, said the tentative ” no ” on the proposal of the clubleiding to have their pay drastically cut. The sterrenensemble of the champions league semi-final would be willing to add some salary, but not to such a great extent. In addition, the Spanish spelersvakbond AFE, the theatre group of Barcelona, this support. This is a major problem to occur.

here’s why: president, Bartomeu, it would, after all, going to be the a reduction in working hours unilaterally determined to implement it. According to the Spanish legislation, the president will do this as long as the emergency continues to exist. Bartomeu believes the measure is necessary to ensure that the financial implications of the coronacrisis as much as possible. He wants to pick a fight with the players, however, and it remains, therefore, to the spelersraad, in conversation, in the hopes that the players would still agree to it. To be continued.

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Bartomeu, among others, with his Frenkie de Jong to reach an agreement (Photo: EPA, EFE