Happy Birthday, Barbara Millicent Roberts, Barbie is on a full name. Since the first Barbie doll came on the market, has done a lot of things. But Barbies times were not always fresh and cheerful. Whether clothes, skin color, or character – often the popular toy was in the criticism.

1959: The first Barbie showed up at all

in 1959, the first of the dolls in the TV, had Barbie in a black-and-white striped swimsuit. It cost three dollars, and soon it gave you also included the wedding to buy clothes and accessories. Interesting: The doll had blond and brown hair. The demand was large, and already in the first year of production, about 350’000 Barbies were sold.

1969: a critique of the figure of the doll

The “Colored Francie” was released in 1967 as the first dark-skinned, African Barbie. Shortly after inventor Ruth Handler’s (†85) got into the headlines because the doll had a very thin waist and a large bust. Some parents complained so the manufacturer, Mattel. After that, some Changes have been made to counter criticisms. So, Barbie’s eyes looked, for example, from 1971 to the front and not on the page.

1979: Black Barbie

Only a year after the 20-year anniversary of the “Black was published Barbie”. This was a Mix of earlier models, and was therefore criticized frequently by African countries. The manufacturer promised to publish a better Version.

1990: More diversity

This promise was Mattel, ten years later, in fact. A group specialized in manufacturing African dolls, which were finally a great success. Barbie also has been shown since 1987, in several animated series and appeared in 1988 as a “Doctor Barbie”. Impressive: Today, the plastic doll has already exercised more than 150 different professions.

1999: the New shape of the body and the first movie

As the criticism of the figure is not stopped, has been extended to the waist in 1997 by a few millimeters. In addition, the Song “Barbie Girl appeared in this year” of Aqua, giving the toy additional prominence. In 2001, the first Barbie movie, “Barbie has been in: The Nutcracker” was published.

2009: fashion show for my birthday and Tattoos

50. Birthday it was on the New York Fashion Week, a Show for the children’s favorite. With designers such as Calvin Klein or Vera Wang. It was also published in the “Totally Tattoos Barbie”, where children and their toys with Tattoos could decorate.

2019: Hello Barbie

in 2015, was published in the “Hello Barbie”doll. This could record conversations and finally with children to communicate. There are many media gave reports about this, almost all traded allegations and warnings to the interception by third parties.

nevertheless, running in front of all the animation movies with Barbie very well. To date, 36 films have appeared, showing more and more the image of a modern, successful and independent woman.

This year to 60. Birthday of the first real film in the cinema. The coveted role of Barbie will take on actress Margot Robbie (28). The Internet and the producers are sure that The doll will have to re-enchant the hearts of children. In this case: All that is Good, Barbie!