The National Security council has decided that it is also a hairdressers on Wednesday, to be kept closed. Therefore, in order to apply for the hinderpremie of the government, which is good for about 4,000 euros.

“As a result of the measures taken by the National Security council, has carried out, now the event will be obliged to close. Who is obligated to the company or the retailer will need to connect will get a grant of 4 000 euros, and now will also have a hairdressers in there are entitled to. It is good to see that everything is clear there, now, will, Hilde Crevits.

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on Wednesday, the coronahinderpremie has already been extended. Thus, all of the businesses and shops that have to close as a result of the actions of the National Security council, is entitled to the amount of 4,000 euro. A company can have up to 5 operating offices, for a premium to get it on the condition that the additional operating offices for at least one full-time employee is to be employed.

Now it was the National Security council also decided that the barbers and their case should be closed. So, they can now rely on the amount of 4,000 euros, according to minister Crevits.


The applications have to be submitted within one month of the expiry of the compulsory lock of the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO). For more clarity on how to apply the new price will be available soon. Those who have this info as soon as available and in his/her mailbox, would like to receive able to all of the necessary data will be left behind. In the meantime, have been almost 110,000 firms signed up using the form on VLAIO.

finally, In the Brussels-capital Region had the barbers have been since the 19th of march are entitled to a hinderpremie for the corona, but only 2 000 euros. The measure, which was part of an overall package of € 150 million.

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