When the sun is shining, you want to leisure, like the freedom to enjoy. Who has a balcony or garden, laid sometimes in the living room and the kitchen and serves out delicious summer dishes. High grill are, of course, Aden. Whether vegeterisch, sausages or meat, to Dessert from the Grill, at the moment there is a smell in the neighborhood is often seductive.

if you’re not a grill master and a desire for new recipes, is in the vicinity of a grill of the course in order to score points in future guests. Often butchers to provide on request such courses. The barbecue book author Ueli Bernold, is from various TV appearances as a Grill-Ueli known. The master butcher has his Team in numerous barbecue competitions in the world various titles and victories achieved.

lease note

Who does not have a Grill, you should make before buying a couple of thoughts. The selection is large. To do this, you should consider, among other things, how much space is available.

In the case of tenants is also recommended to have a look in the house rules and the lease. Basically, my landlord and tenant law applies to the General the Grill on the balcony, as allowed, with consideration for the neighborhood. It is, however, reserved for landlords, a barbecue ban in the lease set.

charcoal compare

electric, Gas or charcoal grill? There are the ghosts. This is sometimes almost a religious war. Professional Hayley says: “In a household with only two people, the grill rarely, may even be enough to a electric grill.”

For die-hard barbecue fans but nothing over grilling with charcoal and even debating in forums even violently. In the case of charcoal, prices and quality vary considerably. A price comparison is worthwhile. Bernold preferably charcoal from Switzerland. “Good charcoal from the Emmental, for example, in the case of Otto available,” says the award-winning barbecue expert. In the case of charcoal must be paid to ensure that the pieces of wood big enough, so Grill-Ueli. “In good pieces of charcoal remain after Grilling there’s nothing left, but little ashes.”


take a really good barbecue sausage taste only from the charcoal grill, looks Berold is not so. “If a sausage is properly grilled, good color, and nice and hot is, you will notice no difference whether using Gas, charcoal or electric grill was fired up.”

the main error is the Grill master that you can take to little time and too hot grilliere. “This is like cooking. So it is good, it takes time.” Who is not yet a seasoned Grilleur and guests to the barbecue invites to the advises to pay attention Bernold, especially on the quality of meat and ask the butcher of his confidence after the optimal core temperature. “If the quality of the meat is wrong, good is also the best BBQ anything.”

some swear by the charcoal grill or the trendy fire plate, the other on Gas or electric. Which variant is right for you? Find it out! The Pros and cons at a glance.