TV presenter Barbara schöneberger (45), on the Instagram Account of your magazine, “Barbara” your opinion on controversial topics. After the German entertainer said in a short Clip on the topic of men and Make-Up, got you a Shitstorm. “Men Make-Up? At some point, even time!” the title of the Instagram Posts is.

On the question of what keeps schönberger of men, the makeup, the TV woman: “So, now let’s be honest friends: at some point, even time. Men are allowed to carry with me of funny high-carded pants or Jackets that end just above the ass. If you wear make – up to you now, too, I think, somewhere, a point also changes. Men are men, and men are to remain the kind of men.”

“I want to be a woman and want the man remains a man”

schöneberg railed: “It don’t have to do all the Same. I would like to be a woman, and I want the man remains a man. Therefore, Please don’t put on makeup! Not even the eye shadow to cover or accentuate your cheeks. Any Crème lubricates you in the morning in the face (…) and not a dieselt you with perfume. Do not wear make-up you please.”

For many Users, the setting of schöneberg is outdated and inappropriate. “Sexism is written in the case of Barbara, a particularly large,” commented the German Rapper I (25). “Really hope this is a prank,” writes Youtube Star Dagi Bee (25). ZDF-Journalist and presenter Tim Schreder (28) commented: “What can I say for now, in the morning of the make-up artist?” Make-Up Youtuber Marvyn Macnificent (27) turned a whole Video to beautiful Bergers Statement.

Make-Up Youtuber Marvyn Macnificent finds the statement “disappointing,”

The Beauty bloggers have wondered whether it was in the Video Satire, doubt this, however. “I have seen Barbara schöneberger always as a very strong, intelligent, open-hearted woman. (…) It is also to ensure that a woman does not have to conform to a certain image,” he says. “Who are you to tell someone how he has to be, to be a man? I find it to see abnormally sad that a Person who has a presence and huge influence, thinks so old-fashioned and discriminatory things said.”

In the case of Instagram, commented on Marvyn: “How can you write please a Post against equality? (…) Very disappointing from a Person of what I always perceived as extremely open-minded. Sad thing to hear. Stereotypes and gender roles? Not in 2019.” His comment is not any more on the profile of the “Barbara”-magazine.

For many Fans is the opinion of the presenter of a shock. “I’ve seen Barbara as a woman who stands for equal rights, and then comes the (…) I’m disappointed. How many men in the world, she now has all at once discriminated against? Every person in the world is amazing no matter whether he wears makeup. Do not be ashamed if you wear make-up to you, it’s totally okay,” is a comment. “How incredibly sad, intolerant, and ignorant. How can someone with such a reach, to Express in such an insensitive manner in Public on a topic?”, a User writes. A lot of Fans questions in the comment column, whether the statement is a joke.

Barbara schöneberger not manifested itself yet to the Shitstorm

“For a woman your age, I would have expected more to discriminate than men. To discriminate against (…) the other, just because they are the way they are, is not in order,” said a User. “In what century do you live in?”, asks a critic. “(…) Are you for equal rights of women but ignore the equal rights for men. Each person can do what he wants, regardless of whether he is biologically a man or a woman.”

another comment is: “How can you speak so, if you’re already a Person of public life! (…) We are in the year 2019! Where one would assume that such a discrimination, as you did in the Video, is dying slowly. You should also have actually a role model, especially for the younger Generation.” The presenter has not acted so far to the Shitstorm. (kad)