Banksy has revealed a new work from home

British street artist Banksy has published in Instagram his new work, done at his home.

“my Wife hates it when I work from home,” he wrote.


Publish from Banksy (@banksy) 15 April 2020 at 10:45 PDT

New creation is a composition made in the toilet. Heroes composition of the rats, staged mess. One of them allegedly stepped on toothpaste, rasbridge it on the wall.

The second rat unwound a roll of toilet paper, soiled third bowl, the fourth is hanging on the switch, two holding a crooked mirror.

Rats often appear in the works of Banksy, the artist considers their mascot.

Previous work by Banksy has been made on the side of the building in Bristol for Valentine’s Day. The picture girl shoots with a slingshot and hits something that explodes a bouquet of red flowers.