Banks will limit cash withdrawals from ATMs with the function of the recirculation

the design of the ATMs with the recycling function provides closed-loop circulation of cash in them: the reception of banknotes from the same client and the issuance of these banknotes of another without processing in the Bank.

Photo: iStock Central Bank suspends a Bank prior to July 1,

the Bank of Russia recommended that banks before delivery to the customers cash or load them in ATMs and terminals to withstand the moneys in a credit institution within the time period, providing a guaranteed death virus. According to the world health organization, the life expectancy of the coronavirus paper is three to four days.

“the Bank of Russia according to our standard procedures of the banknote can withstand up to 14 days, said in a video message, the Deputy Director of cash circulation Department Bank of Russia Vladimir Demidenko. – Thus, we give credit to the organizations clean bills. Now it is important that banks comply with all required safety precautions and cash services”.

Photo: iStock the Central Bank recommended to restructure the loans of citizens with coronavirus

Banks are recommended to hold regular preventive disinfection devices for the transmission of cash and ATMs and terminals located in the premises of the credit organisation and, if possible, outside it.

When working with clients it is recommended to draw their attention to priorities in the use of cashless payments, online transfers and contactless payment cards.