In April, the demand for new construction has reached 65%, in late may-early June decline in demand was reduced to 13-15% compared to pre-crisis levels, said Glushkov.

“Now we are seeing quite a number of queries for obtaining a mortgage. Support measures for subsidizing interest rates undoubtedly have a positive impact on the demand. Or rather, not even on the demand, and the desire to take the mortgage,” he said. Parallel to the increase in applications there is an unprecedented percentage of failures on the part of credit institutions, said the head of NOSTROY: “If earlier the failure rate was 2-3%, according to the latest monitoring, which we did a week ago, the failure rate was 7%”.

the major banks typically refuse to borrowers if their certificate 2-NDFL, it is clear that the client is working in the industry, recognized as affected by the coronavirus. In addition, all banks say that high-quality borrowers getting smaller every year, said Glushkov.

HOUSE.Russia has previously noted that banks approve 83% of applications for preferential mortgage at 6.5%.