the Association of Russian banks (ADB) has sent letters to the justice Ministry and the Central Bank with a request to clarify the conditions for marking of incomes of Russians, not to be recovered, according to RBC with reference to the text of the letter.

In the ADB pay attention to what the Russians usually list voluntarily paid child support phone number and they have no opportunity to label these translations. Banks are asked to specify whether they bear responsibility for the erroneous recovery of alimony.

on 1 June, the employers and the employees responsible for social benefits, should be prescribed by the revenue code — according to it, banks will have to determine which part of the income shall not be collected by bailiffs. ADB requested clarification whether the Bank customers themselves to label the payments of alimony. The Association also asks the Ministry of justice not to punish the banks for violations of non-compliance with the new rules on labelling, within three months after the amendments come into force.

VTB and the Russian agricultural Bank told RBC that is ready to filter cash receipts to customer accounts, to protect them from penalties. In VTB it will enter the field “transfer type” with a fixed list of variants of translation. The agricultural Bank said that the Bank is interested to bring information about the threats of penalties “by placing the necessary information, for example, on the website of the Bank.”