the savings Bank has introduced a fee for transfers via ATMs. Customers of other credit organizations also complain about the unexpected expense. For now, have to pay for payments and transfers and how to calculate the tricks of the banks.

on Friday, the Central Bank lowered the key rate from 5.5% to 4.5%. It is a historical minimum. Now, banks have access to cheap money. After reducing the key rate usually lower interest rates on loans and deposits for the population. However, this year, it is customary trends added another.

Customers began to complain that faced an unexpected commissions. With a great response received the news from Sberbank, which on 2 June imposed a Commission on transfers through ATMs. For private clients she is 1%. Customers of other banks, too, are faced with unexpected payments.

the situation with the commissions has been so sharp that it closely is going to do the Central Bank. The regulator will ask the state Duma to give him new powers to regulate tariffs.

— Sberbank dominates the market and in many ways is a trendsetter, taken into account by other banks, — says chief analyst at TeleTrade mark in real. — Therefore, we can assume that such a Commission will propose and other lending institutions. The more that the Bank’s margins gradually reduced. With the decrease in key rate not only cheaper sources of Bank funds — they receive loans, deposits, deposits. But the placing of money brings less income. Especially in the face of declining business profitability, incomes, increasing their debt load and risks for banks. Therefore, we can expect attempts of increasing fees for other operations, for example, cash withdrawals from credit cards.

If you want to transfer money to another person, it is better to do this than through sberbankovskuyu ATM. It can be used to put money on your account or card. And already with them to send funds to a recipient, for example, through “Sberbank Online” in the savings Bank or via faster payments.

mark Goikhman recalled that when translating to 50 thousand rubles per month fee is not charged. Moreover, similar operations can be done via other banks.

In 2020, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to support the business, forced commercial banks to reduce commissions for acquiring and informed to cancel the “Bank roaming” — said a leading analyst of the Forex Optimum Ivan kapustyasky. — Banks are responding to such limitations. Trying to compensate for lost revenues from new commissions. For example, after the savings Bank was canceled in April, “Bank roaming”, he introduced a similar fee for all transfers in excess of 50 000 rubles a month already, regardless of thet of the region. The new Commission should compensate the abolition of fees for “Bank roaming”.

Another common problem faced by customers of many banks, is an unexpected fee for service card. In offices often offer one or the other plastic “just because”. For example, as a bonus upon opening of the Deposit.

In such situations, people often do not pay attention to the terms of use of the card. Indeed, it is possible to obtain more favorable terms on Deposit or higher cashback, but need to be mandatory to pay by card purchase for a certain amount. If this is not done, the monthly service fee will be impressive.

— Another variant in which the client can pay to the Bank is the price we pay for “extra” insurance when making a any Bank product, — said the Director of “the Academy of management Finance and investment” A. Dadashev. In order not to face such situation, you need to very carefully read the loan agreement and to eliminate unnecessary additional options like Bank-imposed insurance. All dproducto need to ask in advance.

Also this year, customers of some banks are faced with new fees for payment of those services. In particular, receipts for utility services, communication or kindergarten. Not to overpay, it is necessary to look at online-account, which Bank and what services will be the Commission. Utility bills can be paid without a fee directly suppliers. Also, many banks now it can be done free of charge.

Another surprise may await people who want to top up my card with another Bank card. There is likely to be the Commission. But there is a simple life hack on how you can transfer money without overpaying. Usually, it is sufficient to enter your personal account in that Bank on which it is planned to transfer the money. Then this operation will be free.