catering, most likely, will not be able to work in may, and only may be, since June, says the expert. “In this case we already know that 40 to 50% of businesses may not be open,” he says. Cafes and restaurants will not be working capital for payment of rent of premises, salaries of staff, purchase products. Besides, it is not yet clear whether the demand.

In such a situation, entrepreneurs will be to calculate benefits whether they are generally open if they can fail after three or four months. “Maybe someone will try to start working, but the fall may begin a second wave of bankruptcies. Then you can close up to 90% of all enterprises of public catering”, – said Bukharov.

In his opinion, will remain fine dining restaurants. But in General will be more street food, will strengthen the network of restaurants of fast food. Need a detailed plan for the exit of branch from crisis and support from the state, said Igor Bukharov. And it will have to change the law. For example, restaurants now, by law, cannot receive subsidies as long as they implement excise goods – alcohol, he said.