Almost to the day exactly 60 years ago, since the Swiss men decided for the first Time about whether they want to grant their women the right to vote. Two-thirds said no to that 1. February 1959 – and the Swiss women had to wait a further twelve years, until their husbands, fathers, brothers and sons of this elemental citizens of acknowledged law. In the Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden, they did this at all never. There, it needed a power word of the Federal court, so the women were left to the ballot box – that was in 1990.

Even the Generation of my parents and grandparents, who have experienced everything, are now shaking your head when you read this. For my Generation it is simply incredible. An incredible eyesore in the Swiss history. To be fair, but: It is not always easy, in retrospect, eyesores and to identify and point the Finger at the responsible Generation. Clearly it is more difficult, however, to recognize the shameful stain, with which the historian of the future might employ. My tip: the Bank secret.

searches Sunday view show: Since 2010, displayed in the Switzerland is 138’092 tax evaders. As a result, more than 44 billion Swiss francs have been laid out black money openly and the public sector have been at least rinsed of 3.8 billion Swiss francs of tax in the coffers. Triggered the Whole fear of the automatic exchange of information with foreign countries. It is obvious: Would repeal the Switzerland Bank secrecy in the domestic, would still be clearly more black money to the surface.

That this happens, but it is unrealistic. The right-bourgeois majority in Parliament wants to abolish anything. For years, the Bank secrecy advocates warn against the “transparent citizen”. It is a ridiculous Argument. Finally, the Treasury knows already today, our income and assets – provided that we enter fully and correctly …

Small consolation: the Ridiculous arguments are in Swiss politics is nothing New. In the discussion of the women’s right to vote, the opponents warned partly seriously to the fact that the women lost by the inclusion in the dirty business of politics to their femininity. Incredible.