After a little more than a year has elapsed Fabio Celestinis time as coach of FC Lugano already! The desillusionier the end of 1:3 at home against St. Gallen was one of the famous defeat to much. The sixth of the Penultimate in this season.

The 43-year-old Vaud’s dismissal on Monday evening “after a thorough analysis of the Situation” as it is called officially, in his office. President Angelo Renzetti explains: “I can’t change the players, not the stadium, not the Fans. But the coach. And only the Trainer. That’s how it is. And therefore, I’m sorry for Fabio.”

The new man is an old Acquaintance: Maurizio Jacobacci (56), up to yesterday, coach Promotion League club Bellinzona. The Italo-Berner had an exit clause in his contract that he can leave immediately, should he receive an offer from a Super League club. This came now.

Renzetti continued: “I wanted to Maurizio necessarily. He is exactly the right man for the job. He knows the Swiss football inside out. He speaks Italian. He has made in Sion a great Job with a Super-points cut.” Jacobacci has been awarded a contract by the end of the season.

It sounds paradoxical: But with the success last season, Reaching third place in the Super League, which Lugano was directly qualified for the group stage of the Europa League, has financed Celestini his expulsion, to a certain extent yourself. Without the approximately 3.5 million Swiss francs Renzetti would probably not have acted so quickly, and indeed up to Christmas, waiting to announce how it goes with Celestini more.

However, cheap the dismissal is not because Celestini still has a contract until mid of 2021. Renzetti: “That may be true, But a descent would cost me much more money.”

It is the first coaching dismissal in this Super League season.