Bags have become the main topic of a recent secular news — all because of the scandal between Yana Rudkovskaya and Rita Dakota, the cause of which steel accessories from Louis Vuitton, which again turned out, to wear you not all. br>
While the second half is 2020, and domestic celebrities all divide the world into luxury and “deshmansky”, leave the sacred brown bags with monogram Yana Rudkovskaya and figure out what styles are actually in trend this summer.

Two in one: combination of leather and woven textures

Woven bags, reminiscent of a basket, is a popular summer style that is reminiscent of camping and even the bustle of the city is able to give pastoral mood. But this season the classic and somewhat rustic look of the bags, the designers decided to be improved, giving it a more formal look. Now woven bag is leather that makes it more elegant and suitable to be restrained even office outfits.

If, on the contrary, I want more vivid images, it is necessary to pay attention to the colored bags, the “wicker” doesn’t have to be beige! A few colored stripes will add originality and freshness to a friend and loved the style, but fans of more subtle solutions, you should pay attention to decorative details. For example, instead of valve leather may be framing wicker clutch.


the Interest of designers to the craft is reflected in another popular texture this season — the crochet or simply put, things crochet. EN masse on the catwalk they had in the last season and she’s obviously tired of the mods.

the Most popular, of course, dresses and tops that were worn on top of cotton dresses in the romantic style, but not paid attention to and accessories. The most impressive look handbags with long fringe, a combination of different patterns and contrasting colors — these options will suit those who are confident in the style of boho chic.

Well, you can start with more “basic” options, for example, white bags, which are easier to combine. Will be relevant and most concise of the bag mesh.

Bamboo handles

to be closer to nature and all natural is a trend, which has long influence on fashion and new season is no exception. Bags with bamboo handles is one of the biggest hits of this summer, which does not limit the choice of fashionistas, because the style and material of the bags can be anything! Bamboo handle and get along well with the textile, and wicker textures, and skin, so find your perfect instance is not difficult.

Braided leather

Woven texture is great for summer, but if the options of raffia or woven mesh seem you allis it too informal (or too reminiscent of the walks under the palm trees or in the olive fields, which this summer is not as accessible), you should look to a variation of the popular trend woven leather handbags.

to Roam with a choice, too, is where: the designers weaved the bags-bucket, and more spacious toty, and returned in the fashion of “baguettes”.

to Combine shoes and shoes — old fashion rule that today we can not observe, but this summer it is again true, because braided sandals is also at its peak.

bags from

Well, now just all fit and not have to dig in search of lipstick on the bottom! One of the brightest decisions that designers have proposed for this season is the ability to carry several bags at once. As a rule, recommend to combine a few bags both the same size. It can be as very similar in appearance accessories that are collected on the belt, and two different handbags that can be linked together.

For those who love minimalism in clothes, but sometimes he wants experiments, this is a great opportunity to add the image of originality by not changing their style big.

Bag on the wrist

the Trend in microsome revealed a new place where the accessories can be worn on the wrist. The idea the designers developed several increasing the size of the bag, but worn on the arm it must be like that: hanging on the wrist, and clasping the short strap.

Many put still will not work, unless, of course, does not want to make pain in the joints. But this option looks the perfect compromise between a clutch and microsomal.

Form value

the trend of the season clearly will resonate in the hearts of those who suffered in isolation and now wants to Shine on all the verandas of the city and make spectacular photos. This summer, the more original it will look like your bag, the better. From palette to dog designers your imagination is not restrained and you do not advise!


it was a festival kind of girl whose bag it is a branch of the house, where everything should be at hand. Food for lunch, sportswear for fitness, spare ballet shoes, laptop, makeup bag — it all seems to be finally can fit into one bag without having to bring in briefcases, bags and shopping bags.

Microsource, of course, remain in the trend, but the accessories are XXL size so clearly marked its presence on the catwalk that this trend is simply impossible. The most relevant feature will be a giant hobo bag.

a Perfect circle

this season, in principle, a significant interest among designers to work with the geometry of the accessory — hence the very original form. But the desire to IDA��lname circle of these creative searches, too, not lost. From large handbags to tiny clutches in a circle designers put different styles. To pay attention is on models that are far from a perfect circle, but aspire to this form, rounded edges and lines.