In the Corona-crisis, the wave of solidarity is enormous. Numerous offers of assistance form, neighbors, help those who want to either stay at home or not to leave the house. This relates to at-risk groups – the elderly or those with pre-existing conditions. You will be supported by Helping unprecedented. But sneak in some immoral among the countless offers of help. So the extreme right-wing party “The third way is advertising up to date” on their Homepage with a neighborhood help for Bamberg and the surrounding area. With “solidarity for German” where it is advertised.

“This is pure Propaganda, this group tried the Corona to need crisis for their own purposes,” says Hubertus Schaller, a spokesman for the Bamberg Alliance against right-wing extremism and racism. The long experience of the past years show that groups would pick up on from the right range always topics, the “en vogue” to be – such as children or the protection of the environment, now is also the theme of helpfulness. The Alliance warns strongly against the offer, also in terms of possible flyers that could be distributed with the extreme-right party these days.

the majority of The helper’s serious

The Bamberg police the action in the view. A criminal offence this is not, however, the extreme right-wing party is not prohibited. Anne Hofer, spokeswoman of the police headquarters of upper Franconia, advises, in this context, but: “in Principle, every citizen should take a look at exactly what the organization or what people, the offers of help come. And whom he can trust.” The majority of the offers of help, currently, is not serious.

care should be according to Höfer but in case of doubt, always with the release of larger amounts of Cash, for example, for food purchases. Not Strangers or people you hardly know, the Bank card or the pin number should be given. Also should think about whom to let into the apartment.

Criminals Also take advantage of according to police, the uncertainty of the citizens in the Corona-crisis. They give, among other things, door-to-door as officials and to maintain older residents to have Tests on the Covid-19-Virus perform. Goal, according to the police spokesperson, get into the house and get the Test cash. Also, the call of an alleged doctor claiming that the Called party is suspected to have been infected, and there would be someone for a Test to come in, there was probably already. In this context, it was also asking for money. In cases of suspected disease testing to be performed, however, only logged in.

“anyone Who is uncertain, you should consult a person you trust or call the police,” says Höfer. Even then no strangers should be in the apartment or the house left.

It would also be noted that more fraudsters, the medical equipment offering, and then after receiving the money and never send the goods. Or persons offering medical protective equipment or disinfectants to be far overpriced prices. Also the mesh with the so-called grandchild trick was supplemented by a now allegedly with the Virus-infected relatives.

The spokeswoman stressed, however, that in upper Franconia so far, such cases have not yet been identified or shown on the display. Such meshes occur with us, however, is not excluded.

This article from Sebastian Martin

*The post “warning of extreme right-wing helpers group in the area of Bamberg” was written and published by Contact with the executives here.