a Detachment of ships of the Baltic fleet returned to the Military Harbor of Baltiysk (Kaliningrad oblast) from long-distance ocean swimming. Solemn meeting of the patrol ship “Yaroslav the Wise”, the tug “Victor Konetsky” and the tanker “Yelnya” was held today, 4 may. This reports the press service ZVO on the Baltic fleet.

the Ships left the harbour on 1 October 2019 and headed into the Indian ocean. From a long voyage, which took place in accordance with the plan of combat training of the Russian Navy, there were a few basic tasks. This is a demonstration of St. Andrew’s flag, the security of civil shipping in the Gulf of Aden and the horn of Africa and combat training of servicemen.

In particular, the training improved the Marines. They held dozens of sessions on fire training with the practical shooting different types of firearms.

In December 2019, the group of ships headed by the “Yaroslav the Wise” took part in the naval part of the Russian-Indian exercise “INDRA-2019”. And also in trilateral exercises with China and Iran “Maritime security Zone” in the Russian-Japanese “anti-piracy” doctrine.

a total of ships were in the campaign more than seven months, having over 30 thousand nautical miles. According to the press service, the campaign of the Baltic fleet became the longest and most time-consuming. While the transcontinental shift around Africa was made for the first time in the modern history of the Baltic fleet.