Balotelli is no longer a rapist. With player dropped the charges

Known anfan-Terribl Italian football, Mario Balotelli is no longer accused of raping a minor. The Prosecutor’s office of Brescia dismissed the case against a black attacker of the local club. Earlier he was charged with sexual relations with a young girl.

the Italian law enforcement authorities did not find corpus delicti in the actions of the player, according to Sport Mediaset, but the 19-year-old girl from Vicenza, which at the time of committing the alleged sexual act with Balotelli, was a minor, charged with extortion and false testimony.

the Investigation does not deny that Balotelli spent the night in the arms of a young person, but, as found by the investigators, before sex girl assured the athlete that she has turned 18 years of age. After that, false the victim was blackmailing lady Mario for keeping silent about a sexual relationship with her, demanding 100 thousand euros.