Concerts consisting of Opera and ballet departments, were held in the open air format. Especially for Large Chersonese built a summer stage, repeating the size of Moscow. A temporary theatre designed so that the construction did not cause damage to the cultural layer of the site.

In the first part sounded arias, duets and ensembles from Russian, French, Italian and Austrian operas. Singers confessed, the program was not the easiest to perform in the open air. After the intermission, the ballet company has presented the one-act “Carmen Suite”, which was staged at the Bolshoi theatre in the mid-1960s especially for the legendary ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, and in 2005, restored in the original choreography. On different days in a “Suite” changed the lead roles.

the Big surprise were the songs about the sea and Sevastopol in the final of the first act. The audience celebrated with particular emotions, which the actors went on stage. For the Bolshoi it was his first appearance after a four-month break.

Performances at the festival in Chersonesos became a great joy for us, gave us the opportunity to meet not only with our audience but also with each other, because the tour was attended by the soloists of Opera, ballet and orchestra of the Bolshoi theatre, – told “RG” the press-Secretary of the theatre Katerina Novikova. – The weather was beautiful, convenient venue, the audience was waiting for us, – all this created a great mood.

the pandemic coronavirus Grand theatre has cancelled a lot of performances, was forced to abandon all foreign tour. So the trip to Sebastopol had for the troupe’s special value.

– Now we don’t know exactly when I will be able to start working full force on our stages, back in Moscow, – tells Novikova. – In the Chersonese, the organizers were able to create for us technically convenient conditions. And most importantly, it was a great atmosphere. I think if you invite us again we will gladly come back and play here.


During the tour the Director of the Bolshoi theatre Vladimir urin visited the Sevastopol theatre of a name of Lunacharsky.

“of Course, our theatre will not be able to accommodate the enormous scale of the productions of the Bolshoi theatre, but to organize a tour of the famous band Chamber scene of a name of Boris Pokrovsky is quite possible”, – told in the press service of the theatre Lunacharsky.