Bali criticized the Russian tourists who broke the rules

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. Tourists on a scooter was criticized online for ignoring the rules in force in Bali to ensure the safety of local residents and visitors during the epidemic, reports the

Russian couple pulled up to the sign “Closed to visitors” — they have all the beaches and tourist attractions don’t open until late may due to the outbreak of coronavirus. The man pushed the sign, and the pair drove to the rock of Karang Boma.

Video of the incident was posted to Indonesian communities in social networks, including Viral Denpasar. Many users ask why the offenders are still on the island after calls for foreigners to return home.

Earlier this month, a group of tourists in Bali held a noisy party on the occasion of the birthday in a luxury Villa, ignoring measures of social exclusion.

reportedly, the Egyptians celebrated the 21st birthday, which caused outrage among local residents. Then the birthday boy apologized, but, according to Indonesians, the damage is already done, and tourists must leave the island.

Deputy Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Sukawati noted that in April the number of arriving foreign visitors declined by almost 100 percent. He said that the island is one of the regions most affected by the pandemic in Indonesia.