With a mixture of amazement and horror, the traditional German-speaking Switzerland takes these days to note that young men are an honor to beat a woman who was on the local as a place to work so far, little is known: The “Ghetto glory”.

Last Saturday it was in the blade Bacher shopping center Shoppi Tivoli to a mass brawl. With blatant lip, fist, and knife about 30 Kids from Dietikon (Canton of Zurich) Spreitenbach (AG) wanted to clarify proactively, which of the two small cities could call now with impunity, “the Bronx.”

While about geopolitics and speed Performance, there is no clear result of the desert small-town Battle is to be reported, but at least recognise that The media response is huge. The fight has a high duty ratio.

Ranking without a fight

Who can now truly “Bronx Switzerland” name, probably would have to say a resident of the same New York neighborhood, a true “Bronxite.

Because it is likely to be a long would take for someone to “da Bronx” in a reasonable amount of time with the beauties of Dietikon and Spreitenbach known remedies we find ourselves in the small-town Competition with any other suitable means.

We consult to a Tool, the year without a scuffle and a bloody nose. But, similar to the Shoppi-Tivoli-brawl, a high level of attention in the Public to enjoy: The cities-Ranking of the “balance sheet”.

Clear result

In the small town of-Competition, the most recent cities-Ranking from the June 2018 speaks to a supposedly clear language. Of the total of 162 Swiss cities, which have more than 10 000 inhabitants, ranks Dietikon on space 24, Spreitenbach sitting with a ranking of 78 a little further back. Dietikon has slipped to 2018, a rank, Spreitenbach rose by four places.

Actually, with a clear result. Although it is, of course, asks if it’s in Tableau of course-Genre and, in particular, with the Bronx as a Benchmark of honor is to rank further up or further down in the Swiss list.

From the popular point of view, the competition-oriented in Switzerland, the measured daily with the Best in the world, to a duel Dietikon-Spreitenbach say: Dietikon scores in disciplines such as labour market and education, considerably better than rival Spreitenbach.

recreation, Shopping, security: A stitch-by-Spreitenbach

with Respect to the measurement factor of culture and leisure is Dietikon is a bit less bad than in Spreitenbach. The most blatant is the difference in terms of education is: Here Dietikon cuts off, probably because of the proximity to the Zurich schools rank 7 of all the cities in Switzerland, Spreitenbach summarizes numero 158.

also in Spreitenbach has its trump cards. About the topic “shopping”. Here the inhabitants of the municipality can be rich from the district of Baden in harvest. Due to their phenomenal density of specialist markets and Shopping Center square meters, the Aargauer city in the Ranking for all the 162 cities on place 30. For Dietikon hats here are only for space-78 passed.

much better Spreitenbach is also about “recovery”: rank 82. Dietikon only creates Position 116. Wherein: Why you need to rest, if you can beat it? What a result for us really to the topic of “health, safety”. Spreitenbach: 29 (if not exactly mass is beaten). Dietikon: 57.

next Fight: 28. June 2019

of Course, such Rankings are not set in stone. One meets again and again. In the case of the cities-Rankings of important dates: 28. June, 2019. Then the next city will appear-Ranking of the “balance sheet”.

then, since Dietikon or Spreitenbach obenaus, or the rear swing out? Since nothing is sure yet. Only one thing is certain: The Bronx is also cities this time, not be in the original Swiss Ranking.

This article was published in the “handelszeitung”. More exciting articles, see www.handelszeitung.ch.