He is considered to be the pop star of the badminton players. China’s Lin Dan. The tattooed master of the Shuttles is now 35 years old, but still one of the best flagships of its sports. At the world Cup in Basel, character head, Lin Dan is next week, the audience attraction in the St. Jakobshalle. Even if the current world number 17 is not one of the favourites to win Gold.

thanks to its five world Cup titles and two Olympic gold medals, has Lin Dan created in his career is a popular name. In China, he is for over a billion people is an Idol and is considered perhaps the world’s best badminton players in the story. As the Only he managed to win the Super Grand Slam with all of the nine Majors. Thanks to advertising contracts of Lin Dan with an estimated annual income of 10 million Swiss francs, one of the top earners of the sport.

The much younger competition at the top of the world is preparing to Lin Dan, no headache. Despite his 35 years, he loves Badminton too much to think of a resignation. The passion is great. Inspiration for Lin Dan to tennis star Roger Federer (38). Two years ago, he said, after his Australian Open title, “He is a role model, especially for the older players.”

the 2020 Olympic games is not Lin Dan’s long-term goal

His long-term goal is the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. Incentive enough for Lin Dan, who said this spring, for the age issue: “I still play because I want to challenge yourself. And because there were no other athletes in my age, playing at this high level.”

He would like to make a good example for young players who want to once walk in his footsteps. For Lin Dan, however, is clear: “If I have pain or injuries, I will explain my resignation. But as long as I’m fit, I want to qualify for the Olympic games.”

In contrast to his model, Federer is never entered into a scandal-fat cells, Lin Dan had a lot of things. Eleven years ago, he attacked China’s national coach on the verge of a tournament. The big scandal happened, but in 2016: The Badminton Star confesses to his wife during the pregnancy cheated. The confession of Lin Dan sets shortly after the birth of his son, Xiao Yu (English: “Small spring”). In the Social Media channels of malice and scorn poured out on him.

Such secret love-antics are now history. The concentration is now on the world Cup, where Lin Dan hits on Tuesday to the Vietnamese Tien Minh Nguyen. At Basel’s St. Jakob Halle, he has good memories. There, he triumphed at the Swiss Open three times, most recently to 2017.

is no longer at the world Cup, a long-time rival Lin Dan. The 36-year-old Malaysian Lee Chong Wei retired in June of this year for health reasons (nasal cancer). “He is also one of the reasons why I’m still standing on the Court”, it was Lin Dan four months ago quote. Now he stands alone in the Oldie group.