Between the two of Basel’s railway stations-SBB and Badischer it came on Sunday evening to a derailment. The rail traffic information, SBB reported shortly after 21 clock a route break.

SIGHT-reader, John R.* sass in the accident-the train and the reports of a Horror-ride: “I drove from Mannheim to Basel. Already in Freiburg, the train had to wait 75 minutes, because there had been a accident.” As the train began moving again, the journey took too long. At 21.00 hrs, a short time before Basel, “has it geklöpft and the train stopped abruptly,” reports R.

The Emergency-stop is lightly expired, no one had fallen from the seat. “In the car with me, the people remained calm, panic, there was no,” says R.

Two hours

stayed for Around two hours on waiting for the passengers in the car, were stopped by loud-speakers to their seats and the exits. Shortly before 23: 00, the passengers were then brought to another train to Basel. “Because we went slowly, and expired in the accident got off lightly,” said R. The excited on Sunday to come in the evening home after all.

The Deutsche Bahn (DB) confirmed on request of the VIEW that against the 20.50 at the ICE 373 to travel from Berlin Ost to Interlaken Ost at the entrance to Basel SBB derailed. Off the rails, jumped the engine head and a car.

240 passengers on Board, no injuries

Around 240 passengers were on Board, said the Deutsche Bahn. The injured have been no. The passengers had been evacuated by the Swiss fire from the train. The evacuation was completed towards the 22.45 PM.

the SBB write: “There were no injuries, the passengers are evacuated. Currently, the line is interrupted. The SBB would like to apologize for the inconvenience. “

To VIEW information of the train on the gross Basel side in the Gellert is supposed to be derailed-quarters.

In the night to start the rescue work. How long is the track break between Switzerland and Germany will take, was open in the first place. Several trains were in the episode.

2017 already a ICE in Basel derailed

by the end of November 2017 arising from the derailment of ICEs in Basel property damage in the millions. The train derailed in the early evening at the entrance to the other Basel train station, Basel SBB railway station. At that time three wagons of the train from Hamburg derailed. 500 passengers were able to exit the train unharmed. After the accident, the whole station due to a Power failure for two hours at a complete standstill.

*Name known to the editors


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