“The Church people tell me that it is in the whole of Christianity, so something has given that no Church services are held, not even in the persecution of Christians in ancient Rome,” said Kretschmann in the Interview of the “Baden Tagblatts” (Thursday). The important thing is that the churches have agreed to these cuts themselves. The Assembly in churches is currently prohibited. A lot of Church services but will be transferred over the Internet, on television and on the Radio live. So, too, over Easter. His government was doing no Basta-policy, “but we always talk with the people we expect of as much as never before,” said Kretschmann. And when the crisis is over, the democracy is put to the test: “Because then we have to so radically, as we now have rights restricted, you will have to open them again.”

Kretschmann promises the return to a strict interpretation of the requirements set out in the data protection, because “we are not authoritarian and crisis-profiteers”. Now it is very useful to collect data, “and that’s what we do to protect the people”. At the end of the reason will made the right catalog back in full, “because that is sacred to us, and the liberal Public will have a watchful eye on it”.