Revolut wanted to be the good Bank, not so anonymous and greedy for money like the others. Or: not a proper Bank, not much more than an Online platform for money transfers and credit cards, Rates, offers close to the zero point (EYES reported).

And it worked well, with Around 3 million customers, around 60’000 of them in Switzerland. The company’s value amounts to almost 2 billion dollars. CEO Nikolay Storonsky (34), a former CS-man, was a rising star on the Fintech sky.

a few days ago, everything is different: The Tech-platform “Wired” has made known, such as Storonsky deal with its employees. What are the incredible pressure he puts you. And as he leaves the candidates free to work for the company.

to work for Free, and Mega-print

The Details: “Wired” quoted an anonymous Spanish software engineer, had applied for a Revolut a Job. To get this, it should have within a week 200 people will find at least 10 Euro on a Revolut-create account. Without that you would have received upon Reaching the target, with a guarantee on the Job. In other words: free work.

Revolut applied the practice for months, and shoved a bolt, as the first media reported.

another example of how the Revolut-the tip of the staff looks? A Mail sent by Storonsky last year: “There is a simple rule: anyone Who is significantly below the targets, is fired without any further negotiations,” is in the Mail. Team leaders will expect that they worked on weekends, should you are among the targets.

innocence away

It is not the only revelations, the hurt Revolut these days: On Friday, the English “Telegraph” wrote that Revolut last year during three months, the internal automatic Anti-money laundering System had been switched off. The task was to recognize suspicious transactions – but obviously it struck too often a false Alarm. In addition, you have alerted the competent authorities, after the Whole thing was internally compromised.

After the affair came Revolut-CFO Peter O’higgins. Officially, the resignation nothing to do with the deactivation of the Anti to have to do-money laundering Software. But to believe this, is difficult.

Ultimately, but that is no matter. Stick that Revolut has lost in the last few days of his innocence.